Lusitanos Horses

The Pure Bred Lusitano horse (PSL) has it's origin in Portugal. It is the world's oldest saddle horse and is ridden for more than 5000 years, already the Greek and the Romans considered it the best saddle horse of all time.

The Lusitano horse brings a natural aptitude for the Haute Ecole and for exercises of highest level. These talents make it highly suitable for bullfights and the art of classical horsemanship. But also in today's official disciplines like dressage, show jumping, carriage driving and working equitation it is able to compete with the best.

Of friendly character, gentleness and easy to ride the Lusitano is a sought after mount for sport and leisure, and as a breeder due to its rare qualities and ancient genes.

The Lusitano Horse is still considered to be in danger of extinction.

In the Equestrian Center of Herdade da Mata several Lusitano horses are ridden and trained for competition by Engineer Carlos Branquinho.

In the stud there are five pure Lusitano mares, two of them with the Herdade da Mata iron, and one PSL stallion.